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If you're in the low to no-budget film scene, this concept is pretty self-explanatory.  If you're not, it's about creating art for free, or nearly free.  You work on the production for copy, credit, and meals.  It's for the love of the game.  I hope you enjoy this working man's, (or woman's,) style.

The idea is to help support unestablished artists produce their work.  I'll be awarding 20% of each month's apparel profits, every month, to filmmakers to help pay cast and crew on their micro-budget features and shorts.


Short Films.  I'll be accepting submissions from filmmakers who have had their first micro-budget short film accepted into a festival in 2017/2018.  See the Submissions menu for guidelines.  Each month winners will be awarded a cash prize equivalent to 20% of my monthly proceeds.  Also they'll be featured under the Recent News page with a small bio and links to their work.


For bulk orders or to have your production title printed on the back of a shirt, email me:

Just an Actor/Musician:

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